Our Mission...

The Writers’ Suite (TWS) focuses on the building blocks of writing.  It’s about taking writers from the point they’re at and teaching them the skills they need to become published.
Some workshops ask participants to write around varying themes as the main course activity. At TWS, we do things a little differently. We run a parallel system, where working knowledge is applied based on what is taught in each session. In short, we write after we understand each subject that is explored.
You will never be asked to write in a vacuum, but will be guided, through coaching sessions, discussions and handouts.
At the end of a three-term, intensive course, you will know what it takes to write gripping stories. Preparing a synopsis, query letter and book blurb will be new gizmos in your writing toolbox. You'll also be able to critique fiction with a keen eye.
So, what are you waiting for?
Take the next step and see what you get when you become a member of The Writers’ Suite.