If you’ve made your way here, it’s safe to assume you have more than a passing interest in becoming a better writer. Based on what is offered at The Writers’ Suite, you will find the rates competitive.
  • Lessons can be done at your own pace.
  • Fees are non-refundable.
  •  If you miss several sessions for reasons outside of your control, you will be provided with the relevant material. Special arrangements can be made to update you on the subjects covered in your absence.  

To join The Writers’ Suite, visit the Registration page and download the form. Complete same and email to the.writers.suite@gmail.com

After submission, you will receive an email which gives additional details on the registration process. You will be supplied with a starter kit, which includes a detailed course outline and the means to access the online members’ forum. 

If you are unable to register at that time, banking information will be provided for you to complete a transaction. Upon proof of payment, you will be supplied with the material outlined above. Please note that no fees will be collected on the day the course begins.

This website has been designed to provide practical information, however if you still have questions that are not answered here, you may contact me via email. 

All the best for the season.